Books, and especially "good" books, belong to the whole mankind. No writer, no matter how talented can write a single book without the help of the society in which he/she lived [1].

Therefore, books should be made freely available to everyone. Everyone should be enabled to access the information with equal opportunities, no matter where he/she lives [2].

The purcase of a book is a cultural barrier. Internet offers an opportunity to partly overcome information barriers [3]. Make an electronic copy of a few of the books you like, and share it with the other through internet. Help, reducing this cultural barrier.

There are several good books, and course material that can already be fully downloaded from the net [4]. Here are some books, divided by category.



  1. This does not mean that the author should not get the credit for his/her work.
  2. Library systems are doing a lot for this, and i do appreciate their efforts. However, they have limited resources.
  3. The problem is then the accessibility of internet. This is a much wider question ...
  4. Sample chapters, provided by retailers to entice customer to buy the book, are a different thing.