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Kernel Projects for Linux - Problems solutions

This section contains solutions to the problems in the book Kernel Projects for Linux by Gary Nutt, Addison Wesley, 2001. You will need to read the book to make sense of these pages. Beware: I am not advertising the book to you; I paid for my copy and I do not get anything from its sales.

If you are serious about learning the Linux kernel you should try and make an effort to solve the problems by yourself before looking at these solutions.

These solution have been tested on the kernel version 2.2.16. The solutions are just sketched, and can be considerably improved. They are however all in a "working" state and can be used to get insight and help, and as a starting point towards a better solution. I tried to put comments in the documentation and the code about ways to go to make it better.

I would appreciate if you tell me about your improvements.

1. System Monitor
2. Shell
3. Timers
4. /proc Module
5. System Call
6. Shared Memory
7. Page Fault Report
8. Simple Event Support
9. Scheduling
10. Device Driver
11. User Space Floppy Driver. I
12. User Space Floppy Driver. II

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