trix.c is a solitaire game, sort of a puzzle.

The purpose of the game is to compose figures using the colored triangles. Each triangle is divided into three colored triangle; one color per "side". There are 76 triangles which cover all the possible combinations of three colors out of six. The number of colors (six) is a compromise between a reasonably high number of pieces, and the complexity of the game.

Few figures are included as examples of what can be done. The figure below is an example.

Initially the pieces are stored in the upper part of the window. They can be dragged on the board, in the lower part of the window, with the mouse. A piece is rotated by clicking on it with the mouse.

There are only two rules for this game:

Before you can play you need to

It is possible to save the status of the current game; this is written in the file trix.dat in the current directory.
It is also possible to start the game with a saved configuration, just type the configuration file on the command line:

$ trix trix.dat

Many features are missing:

The program is still in a crude form. It uses only the basic X11 library and compiles (and run) under Linux, DigitalUnix, and Solaris.

Marco Corvi - 1999