eight.tgz is a solitaire game, played with cards.

The purpose of the game is to put away the four suit decks starting with the aces, up to the kings.

Initially 36 cards are laid down in eight columns, and 16 remains in the deck of covered cards.

The player can move a card from one column to another subject to the constraint that the card is either put into an empty column or appended to a card with different color and value higher by one. E.g. the seven of spades can be appended to the eight of diamonds, but neither to the eight of clubs, nor to the nine of diamonds.

A card can also be moved to its suit deck, provided the preceding card is on teh deck. E.g., the three of spades can be put on the deck of spades only if the two (of spades) is there.

The top card of a deck can be taken from it and put on a column subjectto the first rule.

The cards remaining covered can be turned one at a time.

Before you can play you need to

Marco Corvi - 1997