TopoDroid Apks

TopoDroid is an open-source free app and it is ad-free. It comes with no warranty: by using it you agree that the authors are not responsible for any loss of data you might incur or damage whatsoever, in particular to any surveying device used with TopoDroid. While the authors do their best to provide a bug-free app, this is not guaranteed.

This page is the only official point for TopoDroid downloa Latest (6.2.44)

Check the MD5 sum before installing the apk:

Storage permission
On Android-11 and later you must grant the app access to storage: instructions

App folders
The app base-folder is Documents/TDX.
Survey data are in the subfolder Documents/TDX/TopoDroid, which contains the TopoDroid database, and a folder for each survey. It has also the folder for the project files thconfig, and the folder for zip archives.
Each survey folder contains the files of the survey: sketches (tdr), images, etc., and the exports (out).
Zip archives of old TopoDroid surveys can be imported in the new TopoDroid folder with the "import" function.
The app files (drawing tools, log-file, firmwares, resources, and the device related files, including the device database) are in the app private "Files" folder.

Errors and bugs
Error reports and feedbacks are welcome: include app version and Android version. For bugs include also the output of the command "adb logcat | grep topodroid".

Supported languages
Translations with more than 60 untranslated strings are dropped from the app, until they go below 20 untranslated strings.

GooglePlay v. 5.1.40
The GooglePlay version will not be updated, because TopoDroid will not satisfy the GooglePlay "security" (access to file system), and "deployment" (signing by Google) requirements.
From Nov. 2023 the app on GooglePlay is not be available for Android 11 and later.
TopoDroid v.6 can be installed side by side with the obsolete GooglePlay version, 5.1.40.

TopoDroid apks

TopoDroidX 6.2.53-34 2024-02-15 7005185 B MD5 d7c1893749a41e54c74efd63ef802805 Test and debug
TopoDroidX 6.2.47-34 2024-01-30 6992897 B MD5 39160393384ce12ed42984f9ecb19376
TopoDroidX 6.2.44-34 2024-01-20 6984551 B MD5 4ae79082669a85ed7c94dc05e0e47263
Google Play release 5.1.40 2021-04-17 4308429 B MD5 0082a12fccd72773d62f816dd7848d4e Google Play version


The numbers in parenthesis are the Android minimum API, target API, project-build API, and build sdk.

Version 6.2

Database shot table new field timestamp. The time is displayed in the shot-edit dialog.
BRIC option to display Bric-index instead of shot-id.
PDF export inverting only light colors.

6.2.50-53 (18-34-34-34) 20240208
TopoRobot import.
TopoRobot extension "Text".
Messages for zip import errors.
Changed handling of BRIC duplicate index.
Fixes: station names non-alphanumeric ending, TopoRobot import/export.

6.2.46-49 (18-34-34-34) 20240125
Category to share zip with specific apps.
Projected profile dialog rotates around origin.
Projected profile dialog buttons long-tap change angle by 10 degrees.
Manually add device model/number [commented].
User man-pages updated.
Fixes: line-join with bezier style, short bezier lines, plan/profile splay hide, default export format, CSV export, bounds in leg "extend" computation, start shot manual entering with TopoRobot policy.

6.2.44 (18-34-34-34) 20240120
DB version 50: raw data in shots table.
Sketch/Overview screenshots taken with volume-up.
Choice of enabled data export-formats.
Reinstalled Winkarst export.
New icon for saving (photo and calib).
Fix: trox diving-mode export.

6.2.36-43 (18-34-34-34) 20240106
Trox import with depth in place of clino.
Revised accuracy functions.
Dropped calib-algo setting.
Saved calib algo choice before opening calib data window.
Fixes: BRIC5 remote, leg-only-refresh setting.

6.2.32-35 (18-33-33-33) 20231201
Oblique projected profile.
Zip import API.
Spanish translation.
Exported custom splay colors.
TopoRobot export name.
Compass export: added flag S for splays.
Changed splay name assignment in "splays after leg" policies.
Dropped exports: GeoJSON, WinKarst, PocketTopo, Grottolf, Tunnel.
Fixes: TopoRobot export, Therion import, BRIC5 code, DEM ascii validity checks, sketch drawing line-join.

6.2.19-22 (18-33-33-33) 20230926
Export: cSurvey added color, Therion restored thconfig as file.
Revised shot multiselection logic.
Added device BRIC5 (not tested).
Code: factored CalibTransform from CalibAlgo.
Restored line join.
Fixes: plane interpolation (thx B. Holl), drawing-window: extend-reference button, survey-window: photo button, shot window: extend-reference button, shot window: multiselect and latest highlight, splay classes visual feedback, Therion export with multiple scraps, 3D station deselect (long-tap on blue-bar), 3D texture post-exec.

6.2.17-18 (18-33-33-33) 20230803
Reinstating language de.
Revised auto splay-extend.
Fixes: calib validation, therion export of fractional extend, walls export, therion export

6.2.11-16 (18-33-33-33) 20230721
Sort project surveys by name.
Replaced OziExplorer track export with GPX.
Dropped experimental sketch-lifting.
Dropped PocketTopo and Grottolf data exports.
Th2 export with splays in each scrap.
SAP6 guess-port.
Translations and user manual updates.
Fixes: DistoX2 commands delays, Polygon export LRUD at TO, SVG sketch export, coords negative input, other minor fixes

6.2.1-5 (18-33-33-33) 20230403
Xvi export splay option.
Zip import error code in message.
Zip share (experimental).
Man pages update.
Fixes: svg xsection grid,
hidden midline,
xvi export colors,
symbol loading time,
sibling threshold in data reduction.

6.2.0 (18-33-33-33) 20230314
First release version 6.2

Version 6.1

Version 6.0

Version 5.1

Old versions

Old versions of TopoDroid can be found on speleoapps.