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This page is the only official point for TopoDroid download: Latest
TopoDroid v. 6.1 can be installed side by side with the obsolete GooglePlay version, 5.1.40.

The GooglePlay version will not be updated, because TopoDroid will not satisfy the GooglePlay "security" (access to file system), and "deployment" (signing by Google) requirements.
From Nov. 2022 the app on GooglePlay will not be available to Android 11 and later.

On Android-11 and later you must grant the app access to storage: instructions

The app base-folder is Documents/TDX.
Survey data are in the subfolder Documents/TDX/TopoDroid, which contains the TopoDroid database, and a folder for each survey. It has also the folder for the project files thconfig, and the folder for zip archives.
Each survey folder contains the files of the survey: sketches (tdr), images, etc., and the exports (out).

The app files (drawing tools, log-file, firmwares, resources, and the device related files, including the device database) are in the app private "Files" folder.

Zip archives of old TopoDroid surveys can be imported in the new TopoDroid folder with the "import" function.

Error reports and feedbacks are welcome: include app version and Android version. For bugs include also the output of the command "adb logcat | grep topodroid".

Note. Translations with more than 60 untranslated strings are dropped from the app, until they go below 20 untranslated strings.

To verify the integrity of the app, check the MD5 sum before installing the apk:

TopoDroidX 6.1.78-33 2022-11-17 6110309 B MD5 4c667018304e02d07c68c2f6dfe16704 Languages: cn, es, fr, hu, it, ru
TopoDroidX 6.1.79-33 2022-11-21 6110376 B MD5 edfaa3f613cadea568233a133a492662 Debug only
Google Play release 5.1.40 2021-04-17 4308429 B MD5 0082a12fccd72773d62f816dd7848d4e Google Play version


The numbers in parenthesis are the Android minimum API, target API, project-build API, and build sdk.

Version 6.1

6.1.76-79 (18-33-33-33) Re-inserted french translation. Pdf export with scale. True north angle in sketch plan view. LRUD splay count. Point item scale bar.
6.1.56-75 (18-33-33-33) Finalizing DistoXBLE support (Debug). Restored output zip archive saving in the default zip folder (because Android Files sucks). Revised loop-compensation code (selective compensation). Cave projects custom survey coloring. Calibration algo reports magnetic dip. Firmware dump does not leave file, if fails. Progress feedbacks in memory dump dialog and firmware dump dialog (XBLE only). Fixes: GL null surface bitmap, width of cun-n-paste popup, strings, spaces in name of import survey. Minor UI changes. User manpages updates, transparent icons.
6.1.40-55 (18-33-33-33) Rebuilt native libs to android-16. Native names. Revised calib data listing. Calib data search dialog. Calib coeff upload with read-check. Revised data-reduction anomaly dialog, survey data search dialog. Simple th2 sketch editing. Geek settings: only-forward splay group. XBLE progress. Cave project: list of geo points. User documentation update. Fixes: BRIC comm thread termination.
6.1.37-39 (18-33-33-33) Reinstalled spanish translation. Fixes: multileg xsection.
6.1.29-36 (18-33-33-33) "Clean" icons. Last app version check (from "About" dialog). Fixes: exports (SVG sketch, and others), station x-section reopen.
6.1.22-28 (18-31-31-33) XBLE pre-setup. Blunder shot. Search dialog: reverse splays. Minor fixes.
6.1.9-21 (18-31-31-33) Dropped all languages except chinese, italian, russian and hungarian, because of insufficient translation. Request File-Access through Settings at startup. Dropped PNG sketch export and log settings. Updated GHTopo export. Dialog window to adjust graph-paper scale. Fixes: minor problems.
6.1.6-8 (18-31-31-33): testing on Android-12 Data-reduction anomalies dialog. Several lint warnings resolved. Minor fixes
6.1.1-5 (18-31-31-33): New app name TopoDroidX - package com.topodroid.TDX. Dropped automatic survey transfer from v.5 to v.6. Fixes: zip import, survey rename, user manual, languages.

Version 6.0

6.0.93 (18-30-30-33) Reverting to automatic filepath for exports (files saved in survey "out" folder), because Google Files is an unnecessary pain.
6.0.87-92 (18-29-29-33) Camera2 test. Removed use of external camera app. Moved shot secondary editing to advanced level
6.0.80-86 (18-29-29-31) Team string mandatory. Warning on renaiming stations with xsections. Azimuth in photo point shp-export. Compass accuracy check. Fixes: audio dialog, photo dialog, xsection point segment, exif clino.
6.0.73-79 (18-29-29-31) 20220225: Sketch recovering plan+profile at the same time. New setting SVG target program. One more palette check before opening a sketch. Monochrome icon. Fixes: SVG export scale, DXF export, Trox export, leading 0's in names.
6.0.63-72 (18-29-29-31) 20220215: Plot auto export reinstated. Station names Compass/Winkarst prefix and VTopo suffix in the export dialog. Fixes: leg xsection, DB v.45 update, minor fixes.
6.0.53-62 (18-31-31-31) 20220207: DB version 45, multileg xsections (only for plan view). Single leg xsection grid centered at intersection point. Palette-based color picker. Section point segment in Svg/Dxf/Shp export. Station names prefix in Compass/VTopo/Winkarst export. Settings: splay dash/dot color, color picker. Fixes: projected-profile direction dialog. Minor fixes.
6.0.41-52 (18-29-29-31) 20220121: code revision: splay dashing, default export format (setting), private plot auto-export. Fixes: language setting, measure marks, dialogs scrolling, landscape, x-section centering, minor fixes.
6.0.34-39 (18-29-29-31) 20211228: Walls import (need testing). Fixes: settings import, TDmanager declination, BRIC4 swapped fw/hw info, zip-import sketches. Stability fixes.
6.0.32-33 (18-29-29-31) 20211221: Project exports using Files app. Man pages update. Fixes: cSurvey date format.
6.0.29-30 (18-29-29-31) 20211215: Alert dialog if the app cannot access TDX. Copy/Cut and paste a set of shots from a survey to another. Fixes: DEM parser, trox parser.
6.0.25-27 (18-30-30-31): Added path-denivelations to 3D measure tool. Zip manifest kept in memory. Fixes: trox export, BRIC4 data handling (replace index if already existing).
6.0.22-24 (18-30-30-31): Populate TDX from 5.1.40, if it does not exists.
6.0.21 (18-30-30-31): Icons with border. Minor fixes.
6.0.13-20 (18-30-30-31): Signed for Android-11. Suggested export filenames. Shapefile data export with saved-stations and fixed-points. Dropped tools triple toolbar and grid item pickers. Side-drag becomes corner-drag. Minor fixes.
6.0.8-11 (18-30-30-31): device db and symbols in app private folder. Import/export file choice with SAF. Segment/dot splay button. Uniformized 3d model export dialog, and menu strings. Fixes: PNG export scale; survey rename, 3d-viewer button bar, buttons background, exif tag sdk, PocketTopo import.
6.0.7 (18-30-30-31): package name: com.topodroid.DistoX. Commented autowalls. Fixes: 3d-viewer saved settings, 3d export dialog, 3d shp export
6.0.6 (18-30-30-30) 20211007: 3D dialogs use TopoDroid layout. Remote ctrl "calib group".
6.0.1-4 (18-30-30-30): temporary package name: com.topodroid.Cave3X. Fixes: x-section offset.
6.0.0 (18-30-30-30): 3D viewer included in TopoDroid

Version 5.1

5.1.96 (18-30-30-30): Documents/TDX: new base directory. Fixes: polygon export team-lines
5.1.93-94 (18-30-30-30): Fixes SVG sketch export labels size
5.1.91: Moved under a setting file export selection by SAF (files can be truncated). Fixes: min Cave3D version
5.1.88: Fix: Polygon export
5.1.87 (18-30-30-30): VTopo trox format import/export. Unified import dialog. Minor fixes.
5.1.85: Scrap number encoded as Z in dxf sketch export. Survey import/export and sketch export: file selection with Storage Access Framework. Exported files are not included in zip archives any more.
5.1.82 (18-29-29-29): File organization revision started. App files (symbols, calibrations, firmwares, and log) in the app private storage. Ignore 0-length BRIC shots. Sketch PDF export. Fixes: taking pictures when Android has no sensors.
5.1.61 (18-29-29-29): Fixes: png-export, sketch list dialog.
5.1.59: Cave3D version consistency check
5.1.57: Coordinate input via Proj4: geoid altitude. Geo exports splay declination. Man pages. Fixes: work directory setting for Android 9-.
5.1.56: Loop closure stations sequence. Loop closure error compensation with weights. Fixes: data reduction independent cycle identification.
5.1.55: SHP export with shape for "special" points. Uniformized symbol names, avoiding double names
5.1.54: Database v. 44. DXF sketch export: XY axes are optional. Fixes: DXF xsection inclusion. PocketTopo import.

Old versions

Old versions of TopoDroid can be found on speleoapps.