TopoDroid Apks

This page is the only official point for TopoDroid download: Latest (6.2.6-16)
The GooglePlay version will not be updated, because TopoDroid will not satisfy the GooglePlay "security" (access to file system), and "deployment" (signing by Google) requirements.
From Nov. 2023 the app on GooglePlay will not be available to Android 11 and later.
TopoDroid v.6 can be installed side by side with the obsolete GooglePlay version, 5.1.40.

Storage permission
On Android-11 and later you must grant the app access to storage: instructions

App folders
The app base-folder is Documents/TDX.
Survey data are in the subfolder Documents/TDX/TopoDroid, which contains the TopoDroid database, and a folder for each survey. It has also the folder for the project files thconfig, and the folder for zip archives.
Each survey folder contains the files of the survey: sketches (tdr), images, etc., and the exports (out).
The app files (drawing tools, log-file, firmwares, resources, and the device related files, including the device database) are in the app private "Files" folder.

Survey zip archives
Zip archives of old TopoDroid surveys can be imported in the new TopoDroid folder with the "import" function.

Errors and bugs
Error reports and feedbacks are welcome: include app version and Android version. For bugs include also the output of the command "adb logcat | grep topodroid".

Supported languages
Translations with more than 60 untranslated strings are dropped from the app, until they go below 20 untranslated strings.

Apk integrity
To verify the integrity of the app, check the MD5 sum before installing the apk:

Deprecated export formats
Unless someone requests otherwise, the following data export formats will be dropped after 2023-05-31: Grottolf, PocketTopo, Winkarst, GeoJson, as well as the sketch export formats Tunnel, and Cave3D.

TopoDroid apks

TopoDroidX 6.2.16-33 2023-07-21 6746612 B MD5 df2b441e365c353b069cd0ce41fe722a Languages: cn, fr, hu, it, pt ru
TopoDroidX 6.2.21-33 2023-09-26 6849309 B MD5 db7fe350e6e7a7c0cd1e3f2dcb88a1ca Testing
TopoDroidX 6.2.18-33 2023-08-29 6828532 B MD5 3be4a19e45a66bdf24aab31b8fd40fdf Debug: language de
Google Play release 5.1.40 2021-04-17 4308429 B MD5 0082a12fccd72773d62f816dd7848d4e Google Play version


The numbers in parenthesis are the Android minimum API, target API, project-build API, and build sdk.

Version 6.2


6.2.19-21 (18-33-33-33) 20230926
Export: cSurvey added color, Therion restored thconfig as file.
Revised shot multiselection logic.
Added device BRIC5 (not tested).
Code: factored CalibTransform from CalibAlgo.
Restored line join.

6.2.17-18 (18-33-33-33) 20230803
Reinstating language de.
Revised auto splay-extend.
Fixes: calib validation, therion export of fractional extend, walls export, therion export

6.2.11-16 (18-33-33-33) 20230721
Sort project surveys by name.
Replaced OziExplorer track export with GPX.
Dropped experimental sketch-lifting.
Dropped PocketTopo and Grottolf data exports.
Th2 export with splays in each scrap.
SAP6 guess-port.
Translations and user manual updates.
Fixes: DistoX2 commands delays, Polygon export LRUD at TO, SVG sketch export, coords negative input, other minor fixes

6.2.1-5 (18-33-33-33) 20230403
Xvi export splay option.
Zip import error code in message.
Zip share (experimental).
Man pages update.
Fixes: svg xsection grid,
hidden midline,
xvi export colors,
symbol loading time,
sibling threshold in data reduction.

6.2.0 (18-33-33-33) 20230314
First release version 6.2

Version 6.1

Version 6.0

Version 5.1

Old versions

Old versions of TopoDroid can be found on speleoapps.