TopoDroid 6.0

Version 6.0 changes

6.0.93 (18-30-30-33)
Reverting to automatic filepath for exports (files saved in survey "out" folder), because Google Files is an unnecessary pain.

6.0.87-92 (18-29-29-33)
Camera2 test.
Removed use of external camera app.
Moved shot secondary editing to advanced level

6.0.80-86 (18-29-29-31)
Team string mandatory.
Warning on renaming stations with xsections.
Azimuth in photo point shp-export.
Compass accuracy check.
Fixes: audio and photo dialogs,
xsection point segment,
exif clino.

6.0.73-79 (18-29-29-31) 20220225:
Sketch recovering plan+profile at the same time.
New setting SVG target program.
Added one more palette check before opening a sketch.
Monochrome icon.
Fixes: SVG export scale,
DXF export,
Trox export,
leading 0's in names.

6.0.63-72 (18-29-29-31) 20220215:
Plot auto export reinstated.
Station names.
Compass/Winkarst prefix and VTopo suffix in the export dialog.
Fixes: leg xsection, DB v.45 update, minor fixes.

6.0.53-62 (18-31-31-31) 20220207:
DB version 45
multileg xsections (only for plan view).
Single leg xsection grid centered at intersection point.
Palette-based color picker.
Section point segment in Svg/Dxf/Shp export.
Station names prefix in Compass/VTopo/Winkarst export.
Settings: splay dash/dot color, color picker.
Fixes: projected-profile direction dialog.
Other minor fixes.

6.0.41-52 (18-29-29-31) 20220121: splay dashing,
default export format (setting),
private plot auto-export.
Fixes: language setting,
measure marks,
dialogs scrolling,
x-section centering, minor fixes.

6.0.34-39 (18-29-29-31) 20211228:
Walls import (need testing).
Fixes: settings import,
TDmanager declination,
BRIC4 swapped fw/hw info,
zip-import sketches.
Stability fixes.

6.0.32-33 (18-29-29-31) 20211221:
Project exports using Files app.
Man pages update.
Fixes: cSurvey date format.

6.0.29-30 (18-29-29-31) 20211215:
Alert dialog if the app cannot access TDX.
Copy/Cut and paste a set of shots from a survey to another.
Fixes: DEM parser, trox parser.
6.0.25-27 (18-30-30-31):
Added path-denivelations to 3D measure tool.
Zip manifest kept in memory.
Fixes: trox export,
BRIC4 data handling (replace index if already existing).

6.0.22-24 (18-30-30-31):
Populate TDX from 5.1.40, if it does not exists.

6.0.21 (18-30-30-31):
Icons with border. Minor fixes.

6.0.13-20 (18-30-30-31):
Signed for Android-11.
Suggested export filenames.
Shapefile data export with saved-stations and fixed-points.
Dropped tools triple toolbar and grid item pickers.
Side-drag becomes corner-drag.
Minor fixes.

6.0.8-11 (18-30-30-31):
device db and symbols in app private folder.
Import/export file choice with SAF.
Segment/dot splay button.
Uniformized 3d model export dialog, and menu strings.
Fixes: PNG export scale;
survey rename,
3d-viewer button bar,
buttons background,
exif tag sdk,
PocketTopo import.

6.0.7 (18-30-30-31)
package name: com.topodroid.DistoX.
Commented autowalls.
Fixes: 3d-viewer saved settings, export dialog, and shp export

6.0.6 (18-30-30-30) 20211007:
3D dialogs use TopoDroid layout. Remote ctrl "calib group".

6.0.1-4 (18-30-30-30):
temporary package name: com.topodroid.Cave3X.
Fixes: x-section offset.

6.0.0 (18-30-30-30):
3D viewer included in TopoDroid